Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state and a wonderful life enhancing tool.  The purpose of hypnosis is to induce relaxation, distract the conscious mind whilst creating increased awareness during which the unconscious mind is more open and receptive to suggestions.

During hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed; however, you are always in control. You follow instructions and are accepting of selective thinking, thoughts, concepts and ideas that are consistent with your values. Through the sessions we can work together to help you bring about deep and healing relaxation, change habits and patterns, healthy weight management, increase motivation, enhance performance, reduce stress and anxiety and increase wellness.

Time Line Therapy™

The time line can be described as a person’s internal storage of time, it is how we make sense of past events in relation to the present. This is where we unconsciously store our memories, emotions, beliefs and decisions. Time Line Therapy™ helps us to find new ways of dealing with memories, emotions, beliefs and decisions that block our development and shows us how to let go of the barriers that prevent us from fulfilling our potential.

Letting go of limiting decisions, beliefs and negative emotions using Time Line Therapy™ techniques is truly transformational in its simplicity.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro – describes the nervous system (the mind) through which our experience is processed via our senses.
Linguistic – describes the verbal and non-verbal communication strategies that we use to communicate.
Programming – describes the ability to discover and utilise the programs we run to achieve our desired outcomes.

NLP is basically about bringing changes in our perception (how we interpret information coming into us from outside), responsible communication and developing choices of response or communication in a given situation, either personal or professional. The collection of techniques and tools that make up NLP lead us to empowerment, creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

NLP Coaching

In the hustle and bustle of life NLP Coaching can take you from where you are, to where you want to be by creating a clear path to achieve all of your goals.

NLP Coaching uses processes and techniques to identify blockages to success; with a wide range of tools available, NLP Coaching can help remove barriers, creating a clear, compelling path that will allow you to fulfil your career and professional goals, easily and effortlessly.


Psychosynthesis focuses on the potential of a human. The premise is held that we may not always have control over what comes our way, however, we do have a choice in how we relate and respond to these events. Through learning to move to deeper levels of awareness we can experience increases in love, joy, compassion, wisdom and creativity. Techniques include journalling, self-reflection, mindfulness, meditation, and creative visualisation; these easy to use exercises support personal integration with spiritual development for those on the Quest.

I have seen Sue for a number of sessions due to a crisis point in my life, at the time. I am now in a place of grace and gratitude. Her brilliant and dynamic ability to compassionately move me forward, has been such a blessing. Sue seeks the inner healer and her skills and intuition find the path to lead one home. 

Deb E

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